Getting my heater serviced

3 Lesser-Known Reasons to Buy and Store Appliance Spare Parts

From microwaves and ovens to cookers and dishwashers, appliances have become a necessity in modern kitchens. Although high-quality devices are designed to last a long time, they still break down. Therefore, homeowners may want to buy and store appliance spares. Other than the quick replacement of broken appliance parts, homeowners have other reasons to store spares. This article highlights lesser-known reasons to buy and store appliance spare parts at home. Read More 

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Getting my heater serviced

It's easy to forget about my gas heater while it's all packed away in the shed and I'm focused on summer time priorities like icy poles and trips to the beach. However, before long the days get shorter, the temperatures drop and I'm suddenly shivering. The best time to get my heater serviced is in the summer when the gas servicing company is less busy and I've got plenty of time to get it repaired before it actually gets chilly. I think everyone can do with a little reminder about the value of getting their appliances, like gas heaters, serviced annually.