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3 Ways to Fix a Broken Ice Maker

When ice makers develop a fault, the ice cubes it makes are either very small or nonexistent. This can be a nuisance, especially in the hot months of the year. Rather than miss out on cooling power of adding ice to your drinks, look at three simple ways to repair a broken ice maker compartment in a refrigerator.

Safety First

Before beginning any work at all on the refrigerator, safety is your top priority. Remove the plug entirely from the outlet, and move the unit a little out so that you can access it a bit better. It is also a good idea to remove the contents of the fridge, including the shelves and baskets, while you work on it. Remember that most ice maker units are connected to the water supply of the household, so take care when moving the refrigerator.

Water Inlet Pipe

The ice maker unit will be at the rear of the fridge and connected to an inlet tube. This is where the ice maker gets its water supply from, but sometimes this inlet tube can become frozen and blocked. You can access it by removing the screws holding the ice maker unit in place. There is usually a wire harness that you need to pull apart to disconnect; you can then remove the ice maker from the fridge.

You will notice a small pipe where the ice maker was positioned, and this is the inlet tube. Inspect it to make sure it is clear. If you do notice some ice, use a hair dryer to melt it. Keep heating the tube until the water stops dripping, and not before.

Valve Blocked

The ice maker, as mentioned before, is connected by a valve to the household supply of water. This valve can usually be found under the sink or in the basement. It is known as a saddle valve, and due to its design, it can sometimes become blocked. Once you have located the valve, turn it fully clockwise to unblock. Open the valve and then tighten it a couple of times to clear any deposits from the pinhole. Leave the valve in the open position once you have done this.

Water Inlet Valve

On the exterior of the fridge, at the bottom, there is an electric inlet valve that can become blocked. Use the guidebook to locate this valve, and then shut off the saddle valve mentioned before. Position the tube with the inlet valve over a bucket, and then have a family member turn the saddle valve back on. If water comes out of the tube, it is likely there is a fault with the water inlet valve, and you should replace it.

In the majority of cases, these tips will get your ice maker working again. For further assistance, consult resources like PAC Refrigeration Services.

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