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Impressive Ways of Keeping Your Foodstuffs Cold

Sometimes, it is just difficult to cook a meal that is just enough. Thanks to the innovation of food preservation, you can store leftover food, meat, and groceries in your home fridge for consumption later on. Apart from storing food in the normal fridge, there are some other ways of keeping your food below room temperature. Below are some other methods of food preservation you can use.

Use a Refrigerator Cabinet

This is a shelf-like storage unit that uses electricity to keep your food cold. It is not enclosed like a fridge, thus giving you plenty of storage space and a good display of your foodstuffs. This makes the cabinets great for storing large amounts of groceries or dairy products. However, the cabinets can also come in smaller sizes for household use. Other than that, they are easy to clean, and some are equipped with smart temperature control for energy savings.

Use a Solar Oven

Have you ever imagined that you could use your solar oven to store food? Thanks to ancient innovation, you can easily convert your oven into a radiant refrigerator. What you want is to expose the oven's reflectors to the night sky so that they can release as much heat as possible. Make sure there are no obstacles around the reflectors when you do this. Take a jar filled with water and enclose it in a bag. Leave some air space. Store this bag in the oven throughout the night. The water should have turned into ice by morning. Use this ice to cool your foodstuff during the day. Instead of filling the jar with water, you can also cool some food directly in it.

Build an Evaporative Refrigerator

This is an appliance that cools the food storage space by means of evaporation.  When a liquid evaporates, it creates a cooling effect on the surface from which it has evaporated. You can create an evaporative refrigerator using a pot or a shelving unit made of thick plastic, in which you will store your foodstuff. The size will depend on the amount of storage space that you need. Cover your storage unit tightly with a fully wet piece of cloth. Have some of the cloth hang into the opening of your unit. Once done, put it in a place, such as your window, where there is free airflow for maximum evaporative cooling effect. Wet the piece of cloth periodically when it turns dry.

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Getting my heater serviced

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