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Warning Signs Indicating Impending Refrigerator Repairs

One of the appliances that acts as a workhorse in the home is the refrigerator. Unfortunately, not many homeowners pay much attention to their fridge until they start experiencing the inconvenience of it not working. Some of the major refrigerator problems experienced can be avoided through regular appliance maintenance services. By spotting signs of impending repairs, you get the chance to enlist refrigerator repairs in good time before the appliance breaks down. Here are some warning signs to look out for that would indicate impending refrigerator repairs

Pooling of water beneath or around your fridge

If you begin noticing puddles of water forming under your fridge, then it would be prudent to enlist refrigerator repair services post haste. Water forming in close proximity to the fridge typically indicates excess condensation from the appliance. This can be caused by a faulty mullion heater, which a component within the fridge. Alternatively, it may also be due to a damaged door seal, which will compromise the cooling capabilities of the fridge by letting in heat. It is always best to seek professional repairs as the technicians can establish the cause of the water leaks and fix them before the problem becomes exacerbated.

Your fridge is cycling too frequently

Generally, a fridge cycles on an intermittent basis this is why you will sometimes hear your fridge humming while other times it is silent. When you notice that your fridge is humming more often than not, then this indicates that it is cycling much more frequently than recommended. One of the common problems that causes this is faulty condenser coils. However, it can also be caused if other components such as the condenser fan or the evaporator have acquired damage. If your fridge is not having sufficient breaks between cycles, it ends up overworking. This will inevitably lead to a shortened lifespan, hence, it would be prudent to enlist appliance repair services. 

Your fridge is constantly sweating

Fridge sweating refers to the moisture that will appear on the exterior surface once in a while. It is typically caused when the ambient temperature changes due to hot weather. Therefore, it is not a cause for alarm when it happens occasionally. However, if your fridge is constantly sweating, then it could indicate a faulty seal in your refrigerator. This causes hot air to constantly mix with the cold fridge air, hence causing constant condensation on its surface. This not only makes your fridge overwork but will also make your food items expire much faster, which poses a health risk.

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Getting my heater serviced

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