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DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Your System's Ductwork

When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, most homeowners consider cleaning or replacing the filters on a regular basis to be sufficient. However, this does not help eliminate all the dust and grime that your air conditioning unit is exposed to. That is why it is recommended to enlist professional air conditioning services once in a while to ensure that the entire system is given a once-over to ensure that it is clean and everything is working correctly. In addition to this, there are some DIY steps you could take on your own to also ensure that the ductwork is in good condition. Here are some DIY air conditioning maintenance tips for your system's ductwork.

Inspect the ductwork for visible cracks

It is prudent to carry out regular inspection for cracks on your air conditioning system's ductwork. This gives you the chance to spot any cracks that may be forming before they develop into holes that could compromise the entire system. If you spot any cracks or fractures on the ductwork, you should enlist professional air conditioning services post haste to repair them.

Inspect the ductwork for kinks and sagging

Another aspect to be wary of when it comes to your ductwork is sagging. Air conditioning ducts are prone to moving slightly out of place over time. This is more apparent in smaller spaces and attics. By carrying out regular inspections, you can notice if any of the air conditioning ductwork is developing kinks or has begun sagging. Any ducts that are affected should be secured in place to prevent them from lowering further. Additionally, when securing your ductwork, do not have it secured to the floor. This puts it at risk of pest and rodent infestations. Not only can they end up breeding in the ductwork, but they could also compromise the surface of the ducts.

Keep duct tape off your ductwork

One mistake homeowners make when inspecting their ductwork is trying to provide quick fixes for loosened insulation or open seams using duct tape. Rather than using duct tape, it would be better to seal the insulation using foil as you wait for air conditioning technicians to come do a professional job. In the event that you had been using duct tape on prior occasions, remove this duct tape and clean the surface of the ductwork that it had come into contact with. Instead, apply some mastic to the areas that require sealing.  

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