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Tapware Trouble | 3 Causes Resulting In Brown Water Flowing Out Of Your Taps

Your taps are important fixtures in your home for all kinds of household activities –– whether you're bathing, shaving, washing utensils, or drinking. But when brown water starts to flow out of your tapware, you know you're in trouble because something is definitely wrong somewhere in the system. This guide aims to help you with some problems that result in brown water flowing out of your taps.

Local Water Supply Has Too Much Manganese Or Iron Content

If your local water supply has too much manganese or iron content, then it will start to turn brown. This may happen temporarily because the water has been contaminated with these metals. This could happen frequently if you use ground water because iron is naturally present in soil and can make its way into your water line. You will need to check whether your neighbours are facing the same issue, so that you can make a collective complaint to your local water supply authority. Keep in mind that sometimes flushing out overhead or underground water tanks during cleaning can also cause brown water to flow through the taps in your home.

Rusty Internal Tapware Components

One of the most common reasons why brown water comes out of your tapware is because their internal components are rusty and corroded. This is common when your tapware is old and hasn't been changed in years. Pressure fluctuations when you turn the tap off and on loosens the rust and corrosion from the surface, and it enters the water stream flowing into your home, which makes it turn brown. Rust inside taps and pipes can trigger a number of different health hazards because brown water breeds bacteria. Eventually your tapware will break down completely and may result in leaks, so your best option is to get a qualified plumber to replace them. This should solve your brown water problem.

Iron Taps Become Timeworn

Iron is a common element that can turn water brown, so if you have old iron taps in your home that have lasted for decades, you should treat your tapware as a cause for brown water flowing into your home. When the iron starts to break down over regular use, it will mix with water and turn it into a muddy brownish colour. You will need to call a local plumber to check your taps, but the most likely fix is tapware replacement.

If you notice any of these signs of brown water flowing out of your tapware, make sure you get professional help. In most instances, simple pipe and tap replacement should help unless the problem lies with your local water supply. 

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