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Why Should Appliance Retailers Sell Repair Warranties?

Retailers operate in a competitive marketplaceā€”there can be little doubt about that. However, those retailers who operate in the electrical appliance market are in a more competitive place than most. Not only do they often face fierce rivalries from other electrical retailers serving the same clientele, but many people simply head online these days to purchase their electrical appliances from e-commerce shops. Therefore, one of the big differentiators between retailers is what will happen if a repair is needed after an appliance's guarantee period has run out. Why should retailers do more to sell extended repair warranties to their customers?

Improved Customer Service

If a customer wants to buy an electrical product without a repair warranty, then that is perfectly fine. However, the fact is that many people do want a repair warranty. So, if you don't offer such a service to your customers, then it can negatively impact their perception of your shop. Most online sellers only offer legal minimum standards when it comes to electrical products. Brick-and-mortar stores provide more by way of customer service and are, therefore, perfectly placed to explain the benefits of an extended repair warranty. So long as you are not pushy about it, many customers will respond favourably to being offered one at the point of sale.

Peace of Mind for Customers

For many customers of appliances like washing machines, audio equipment, dishwashers and computers, the idea of seeking out a local repair operative if something were to go wrong fills them with dread. Will they find someone reliable? What will the cost be? On the other hand, if they can deal with all their appliance repairs because they have purchased extended warranties, this removes the worries they have. By purchasing a warranty from a retailer they already trust, they feel assured and will often return to you for new appliances when they need them. Crucially, this the case even if it is the same local repair service they might have turned to anyway.

Greater Profitability

Most extended warranty schemes are money spinners. Since modern electrical appliances are, generally speaking, highly reliable, not that many appliance repairs need to be carried out. In effect, it works like an insurance scheme whereby those customers who never need a repair pay for the costs of the work that is needed for those that do. If you are not selling warranties, then your shop's profitability must be suffering as a result. Remember that you don't need to administrate such schemes yourself. Appliance warranties are run by third-party companies, if not the appliance manufacturers themselves.

If you yourself need information about where to get appliance repairs done, contact an appliance repair service today.

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Getting my heater serviced

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