Getting my heater serviced

Tapware Trouble | 3 Causes Resulting In Brown Water Flowing Out Of Your Taps

Your taps are important fixtures in your home for all kinds of household activities –– whether you're bathing, shaving, washing utensils, or drinking. But when brown water starts to flow out of your tapware, you know you're in trouble because something is definitely wrong somewhere in the system. This guide aims to help you with some problems that result in brown water flowing out of your taps. Local Water Supply Has Too Much Manganese Or Iron Content Read More 

Choosing The Right Class D Fire Extinguisher For Your Needs

Modern fire fighting technology has afforded us with a wide array of specialised fire extinguishing agents, and a diverse array of fire extinguishers are available to tackle every type of fire. One of the most specialised types of extinguishing agent is the group of dry powder extinguishers collectively known as class D extinguishers—these are intended to fight fires caused by various flammable metals, which are difficult or even dangerous to fight with less sophisticated agents such as water or foam. Read More 

DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Your System’s Ductwork

When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, most homeowners consider cleaning or replacing the filters on a regular basis to be sufficient. However, this does not help eliminate all the dust and grime that your air conditioning unit is exposed to. That is why it is recommended to enlist professional air conditioning services once in a while to ensure that the entire system is given a once-over to ensure that it is clean and everything is working correctly. Read More 

Warning Signs Indicating Impending Refrigerator Repairs

One of the appliances that acts as a workhorse in the home is the refrigerator. Unfortunately, not many homeowners pay much attention to their fridge until they start experiencing the inconvenience of it not working. Some of the major refrigerator problems experienced can be avoided through regular appliance maintenance services. By spotting signs of impending repairs, you get the chance to enlist refrigerator repairs in good time before the appliance breaks down. Read More 

Impressive Ways of Keeping Your Foodstuffs Cold

Sometimes, it is just difficult to cook a meal that is just enough. Thanks to the innovation of food preservation, you can store leftover food, meat, and groceries in your home fridge for consumption later on. Apart from storing food in the normal fridge, there are some other ways of keeping your food below room temperature. Below are some other methods of food preservation you can use. Use a Refrigerator Cabinet Read More 

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Getting my heater serviced

It's easy to forget about my gas heater while it's all packed away in the shed and I'm focused on summer time priorities like icy poles and trips to the beach. However, before long the days get shorter, the temperatures drop and I'm suddenly shivering. The best time to get my heater serviced is in the summer when the gas servicing company is less busy and I've got plenty of time to get it repaired before it actually gets chilly. I think everyone can do with a little reminder about the value of getting their appliances, like gas heaters, serviced annually.